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butterfly kisses and suicide notes

broken dreams and broken hearts

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hi im hawt and awesome.

(THE GIRL) I'm Chelsea Raine. I am fifteen and awesome. This journal is friends only because it is filled to the max with awesome nights and my secrets [and you know their are oh so many]

(LOVES) Friends. Life. Ben. Flowers. Gwen Stefani. Ashley Olsen. Paris Hilton. Me, yeah. Thanks.

(I AM) obnoxious. jealous. better then you. awesome. rude. selfish. amazing. sweet. i dont give a fuck what you think because i KNOW im better. thanks for your opinon, it burns bitch. confussing. confussed. a million different things.

who is she?

she is everything you always wanted and everything you could never have.

( ♥ )
.learn it.live it.love it.

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"my attitude" button by emmysdream

Image hosted by TinyPic.com
"my attitude" button by emmysdream

I used to know this girl
Who gave her love away
To every guy she met
And with all the games they played
She never seemed to cry
She never got upset
And one by one they came
And one by one they left
I thought that I could fix her
If she would let me in
But all of my advances
Were shut down in the end
When days turned into months
I begged her to explain
And this is what she sang

It's not like I'm a slut
Or that I really like to fuck
I just want every boy I see
To walk away with part of me
Until there's nothing left to hold
Until there's nothing left to hate
I appreciate your help
But even you can't save me from myself

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